8 Simple one-pan recipes for easy family meals
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8 Simple one-pan recipes for easy family meals

Welcome to July! We here at The Open Pan hope you’re all coping well with Phase 2! For this week’s blog post, its all about one pan, one pot, one dish! All our recipes this week can be cooked in just one pot, which makes it all the more easier to prepare and scale the dishes based on how many people you might be cooking for! Excellent for a small home cooked dinner with the kids but also suitable for a large party! 

If you end up being able to try any of these one pot recipes, we’d absolutely love to see them so tag us @theopenpansg! 

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1. Chicken stroganoff

Photo Credits: TheChunkyChef.com

Pasta, creamy mushrooms and lean chicken breasts all in one mouth watering dish! The awesome thing about this dish is that the dried pasta is able to be cooked in the same pan! This means so much lesser kitchen for washing up! Also, this recipe only takes 30 minutes to make so that means you could prepare this recipe almost anytime before that big party you’re hosting!

If you’re interested in the recipe for this beautiful chicken stroganoff, click here for the recipe: https://www.thechunkychef.com/hearty-one-pot-chicken-stroganoff/

2. One Pan spanish chicken and rice

Photo Credits: LeCremeDeLaCrumb

One delicious dish! 30 Minutes! Some even akin this dish to “Heaven on a skillet”! The secret recipe here is coriander! The coriander gives this recipe the kick it deserves and so much more but you can always substitute the coriander with cumin for a similar tasting dish with the same kick! Despite having to add a large amount of spice, the dish will still feel only moderately spicy so you don’t have to worry if you’re a huge fan of spiciness! 

Bounce on over here for the recipe: https://www.lecremedelacrumb.com/one-pan-spanish-chicken-rice/

3. Gordon ramsay's chicken one pot

PhotoCredits: Brit.co

Gordon Ramsay, a name that rings bells in many people! Well, today we’ve got a chicken recipe from the world famous chef himself! Despite require to pan sear the chicken and place it into the oven after, the total time for this dish is barely an hour!  The garlic and thyme pan seared with the chicken breast give the dish an exquisite slightly charred taste which add on to the full flavor and the brown bits that get stuck to the bottom of the pan are used as a finishing as they get drizzled all over the cooked meat leaving a rather earthy taste behind! We know you can’t wait to become the next master chef, so try it out today! 

To check out the full recipe, scoot on over to: https://www.brit.co/gordon-ramsay-chicken/

4. one pot pizza pasta

PhotoCredits: MindOverMunch

Pizza and pasta in one pot. Sounds too good to be true? Well, you better believe it! With the elements and similar taste to pizza but without all the less healthy elements, this recipe simply blows our minds! If you crave for both pizza and pasta, this dish will satisfy both cravings! The best part of this recipe is there’s no thick, hard to bite through, chunky pizza crust! Its a clear win for us here at The Open Pan! 

If you can’t wait to try out this recipe, go to https://mindovermunch.com/recipes/one-pot-pizza-pasta/

5. seafood and sausage stew

Photo Credits: Countryliving.com

Whoever thought of combing sausages with seafood stew is a genius! This seafood dish is simply bursting with flavor and juices from the ingredients put inside! With shrimp (or prawns), halibut and mussels, these meats from the sea provide a raw, wholesome taste to the dish. Not to mention, the chewy sausage chunks in there give a nice texture to the stew! Most certainly tastes like home and we want you to try it! 

Check out this incredibly easy and yummy recipe here: https://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/a19705080/seafood-and-sausage-stew-recipe/

6. Oyakodon

Photo Credits: No Recipes

Is your family a big fan of Japanese food? Well then this Oyakodon recipe would make the best one-pan meal for your next family dinner! This recipe combines simple ingredients you would have lying around your kitchen, such as chicken, eggs and onions, then simmered in a fragrant dashi broth. This dish’s light and pleasant flavour will definitely please both adults and kids alike, perfect for your next dinner plan! 

Get this easy oyakodon recipe by No Recipes at https://norecipes.com/oyakodon-chicken-egg-rice-bowl/

7. Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl

Photo Credits: Favourite Family Recipes

Another amazingly easy recipe for those of you with Japanese taste buds, this chicken teriyaki rice bowl will surely appeal to your kids! The convenience of this meal is increased as you don’t even need to cook the rice separately, but right together with the toppings. This recipe is also very customizable as you can substitute other meats and veggies of your preference into the dish, making this a great option if you have kids with picky tastes! 

Check out this great recipe by Favourite Family Recipes at https://www.favfamilyrecipes.com/one-pot-chicken-teriyaki-rice-bowls/ 

8. Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Bowl

Photo Credits: The Woks of Life

When you think of Taiwanese cuisine, you immediately think of its famous dish, Braised Pork Rice (卤肉饭) ! So, why not learn how to recreate this luscious dish at home and this recipe makes that even simpler by using only one pan! This ultra authentic recipe lets your family enjoy the incredibly savoury braised pork over steamed rice without needing to travel all the way to Taiwan for it! The recipe is extremely kid-friendly and perfect for the slow-cooker as well! 

Find this recipe by The Woks of Life at https://thewoksoflife.com/lu-rou-fan-taiwanese-braised-pork-rice-bowl/

Cooking for your family dinners can be a hassle, especially for those who have to do so after a full day of work. So we’ve found you some super convenient and simple one-pan recipes that you can prepare in no time but satisfy your hunger just as well! Many of these recipes makes use of basic ingredients that you can easily find at home but cooked up into various yummy meals that you will definitely love! The one-pan process makes cooking and cleaning much less tiring for all you working parents out there! 

We hope you will like these 8 one-pan recipes we found for you and do tag us on Instagram @theopenpansg when you try them out at home! 

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