8 Popular Singapore Dessert and Snack Recipes
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8 Popular Singapore Dessert and Snack Recipes

There are a couple of dishes we can name right off the bat when it comes to local Singapore snacks.  Many double up as great weekday breakfast ideas, and there’s none quite as unique as those we grew up eating – like nostalgic childhood sweets Muah Chee. With the recent conclusion of elections, we thought it’d be apt to also share with you some local snack and dessert recipes close to home. Don’t worry, these recipes are simple and easy to follow. At the same time, these local treats are also  bound to bring back some fond memories for you and your family.

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Photo Credits: women's weekly

Min Chiang Kueh is the classic weekday breakfast or snack from our childhood. We all know a good hawker place that offers Min Chiang Kueh at the back of our minds. But ever wished that aunty at the stall would add just a little bit more peanut filling? After all, who doesn’t like pancakes with crunchy peanuts overflowing? Well, if you’re craving a sweet snack, consider making your own homemade Min Chiang Kueh, hawker style! The best part? Being able to tailor your level of sweetness and amount of ground peanuts – all to your perfect liking. It’s a great alternative pancake recipe for kids who love peanuts too!

Look up this tasty recipe right here! https://www.womensweekly.com.sg/recipe/food/asian-recipes/hawker-style-peanut-pancake-min-chiang-kueh/

2. muah chee

mix of black and brown snack muah chee
Photo Credits: themeatmensg

This familiar snack brings back so many childhood memories and is a perfect healthy afternoon tea recipe! As adorable as its name sounds, Muah Chee is served in bite-sized glutinous rice balls that immediately melt in your mouth with a good portion of crushed peanuts. While it may look simple on the outside, the tricky part comes in making the batter. And that’s why we’ve found a simplified version of the recipe which will certainly satisfy your palate of a sticky and chewy muah chee – all in just 15 mins!

We love this recipe so ‘muah chee’. Be sure to check it out at http://themeatmen.sg/muah-chee/

3. Pulut Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice Sweet Soup)

bowl of brown pulut hitam dripped with white coconut milk
Photo Credits: nyonyacooking.com

Talk about glutinous rice, the next dessert Pulut Hitam hits the sweet spot. As some may call the ‘black glutinous rice porridge’, it may not sound the most appetizing…  But a flavourful combination of black glutinous rice, coconut milk and sugar – it certainly makes up for its uncanny name. Great as a healthy afternoon tea snack or after dinner dessert idea, it only requires 6 ingredients and you can choose to serve it warm or cold!

Find out how to make this fragrantly sweet recipe here: https://www.nyonyacooking.com/recipes/pulut-hitam-black-glutinous-rice-sweet-soup~BJif_wswz5-X

4. Chee Cheong Fun

flat layout of different kinds of chee cheong fun for afternoon tea
Photo Credits: whattocooktoday.com

If you’re a fan of dim sum, you’ll love this healthy afternoon tea recipe! Chee Cheong Fun is a light rice noodle snack that goes with soy sauce. With so many versions of chee cheong fun out there, it can be overwhelming to decide on what style of Chee Cheong Fun to make. But we’ve found a recipe that compiled all these in one page for you! From cantonese style ‘ha cheong’ to the classic Singapore-style shallots topped with sesame seeds, there’s surely one recipe you’ll love!

Have fun making this chee cheong FUN recipe at: https://whattocooktoday.com/chee-cheong-fun-steamed-rice-rolls.html/

5. curry puff

crispy, golden brown curry puff
Photo Credits: asianfoodnetwork.com

It’s hard to say no to curry puffs when they’re such a popular hit among many locals. With its crispy golden-brown shell stuffed with delicious curry potatoes, this dish is no less foreign to many of us who’ve eaten it since young. This easy-to-follow recipe will guide you to getting the notorious golden-bronze colour from start to finish, as  well as cook up a pot of soft and spicy potato filling in just 5 simple steps. The perfect recipe for an afternoon tea snack! 

sCURRY over to see how to make this local favourite at: https://asianfoodnetwork.com/en/recipes/cuisine/singaporean/curry-puff.html

6. ondeh ondeh

Rainbow coloured ondeh ondeh dessert on a plate
Photo Credits: spice n' pans

Probably one of the most well-loved things about ondeh ondehs are the brown fillings that ooze out once you bite into them. Whether it’s fine palm sugar or gula melaka, this nyonya dessert wrapped in pandan-flavoured balls is bound to give you some sweetness overdose. Coated with fine coconut shreds, this recipe has got you all covered on making this endearing green-coloured dessert. But wait, there’s more! If green colour isn’t in your taste, then this recipe has taken this traditional dessert to another level by introducing rainbow coloured ondeh-ondeh. 

How cool is that! Head over to this recipe at: https://www.spicenpans.com/super-easy-rainbow-ondeh-ondeh-recipe/

7. pandan chiffon cake

Photo Credits: thezonghan.com

Thinking of showing off your baking skills to your family and neighbours? Why not prepare a pan of fluffy Pandan Chiffon cake you can share with them after a family day dinner. This recipe includes all the right factors to build a soft and moist cake, plus bring out its rich flavour from pandan leaves extract. In just an hour’s preparation, you’ll definitely be able to capture the taste buds of many with this dessert! It also makes a great pre-made weekday breakfast idea. Just grab and go!

Don’t miss out on this recipe! Look it up here! https://thezonghan.com/pandan-chiffon-cake/


chendol served in a glass
Photo Credits: curiouscuisiniere.com

Finally, we can’t end off this list of popular Singapore desserts without the famous  Chendol. It may seem like a hassle to prepare a bowl of homemade Chendol from scratch but you’ll be surprised at how this whole recipe only requires 30 mins. You heard it right! Fuss-free and easy to make with pre-made ingredients, put it all together and you have the perfect after dinner ending to your meal.

Learn more about this recipe at https://www.curiouscuisiniere.com/cendol-iced-malaysian-dessert/

Cooking full meals may sound intimidating especially on a weekday where we’re juggling multiple commitments. But these snacks and desserts are great wind-down recipes as breakfast or after dinner ideas without breaking the bank and taking too much time. This week, we brought together a total of 8 popular Singapore dessert and snack recipes that we’re sure would resonate with most. We all love our local food, and there’s no better combination than having the best of both worlds – the taste of familiar local food homemade with love.  

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