8 Festive Holiday Side Dishes
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8 Festive Holiday Side Dishes

It’s time for the deluge of year-end gatherings! Whether you’re hosting and whipping up a feast or thinking of dishes to bring along to a potluck, we have some of our favourite side dish picks lined up for you below. Happy feasting!

1. Sweet Potato Casserole

Difficulty/Effort Level(1-10): 4

This sweet potato casserole is full of buttery, caramelised goodness. The sweet potato is mashed and then baked with a crumble and sprinkling of buts on top. It’s the perfect side dish for the season! 

We’ve adapted our recipe from foodnetwork.com by reducing sugar to 2 tbsp for the sweet potato mash (we prefer it less sweet) and substituting pecans for walnuts.

Recipe here: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchen/sweet-potato-casserole-3364945


2. Holiday Apple Salad

Difficulty/Effort Level(1-10): 1

Who says salads can’t be healthy AND delicious?? We love how awesome this one tastes without being too complex to put together. We think it all boils down to the mix of apple cider vinegar with olive oil paired together with the perfect seasonal salad toppers – dried cranberries, nuts and feta cheese. The crispness of the thinly sliced apples mixed in the salad ties the whole dish together. Definitely one of our favourites to serve during the holidays!

Recipe here: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a50683/holiday-apple-salad-recipe/


3. Italian Cheese Log

Difficulty/Effort Level(1-10): 3

This Italian cheese log tastes heavenly and makes such a beautiful appetiser plate! It’s really easy to make, just mix all the ingredients together and put into a mould of your desired shape. We went with a round Tupperware container for ours, while the original recipe went with a rectangular shape to create a log effect. Refrigerate or freeze so it stays in shape. Once it’s shaped up, tip over onto a large serving plate and decorate as you please. We find it looks beautiful surrounded by crackers and other nibbles.

This one can be made ahead a couple of days so it’s really a great choice if you’ve already got your hands full preparing a number of dishes for a big meal. Be sure to keep extra crackers on hand because your guests will definitely ask for more to go with delicious dip. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Note: Roast your own roasted peppers, so easy and pocket friendly too! Cut up the pepper in halves and de-seed them. Lay cut side down on baking paper and drizzle olive oil. Bake at 180 degrees celsius until soft (about 20 mins). Keep the pepper skin on or off, cook’s choice!

Recipe here: https://www.recipetineats.com/christmas-appetiser-italian-cheese-log/

4. Caprese Christmas Wreath

Difficulty/Effort Level(1-10): 2

Photo source: cafedelites.com

This Caprese Christmas Wreath is a beautiful and festive looking side dish/appetiser. It’s really just a festive arrangement of the classic, caprese, tomato and balsamic vinegar trio. It’s also super healthy and really easy to make since most of the work is in plating the cherry tomatoes and caprese to resemble the shape of a wreath. 

Recipe here: https://cafedelites.com/caprese-christmas-wreath/

5.Potatoes Au Gratin

Difficulty/Effort Level(1-10): 4

Photo source: tasteofhome.com

Potatoes are a staple side dish at any festive meal and potatoes au gratin are a personal favourite of ours. We love the creamy mix of scalloped potatoes topped with baked cheese, sure to be a crowd pleaser. There are so many recipes out there, but our favourite way to prepare this is still with cream and herbs. 

Recipe here:  https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/simple-au-gratin-potatoes/

6. Broccoli and Bacon Salad

Difficulty/Effort Level(1-10): 4

Photo source: tasteofhome.com

Another great tasting salad! Though we have to say this one’s a bit less healthy than the holiday apple salad since much of what makes it taste great are the bacon bits and mayonaise.. but hey, some greens are better than none at all right? We’ll take what we can get!

Recipe here: https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/bacon-and-broccoli-salad/

7. Creamy pasta bake


Difficulty/Effort Level (1-10): 2

Photo source: kitchensanctuary.com

We love a good creamy tomato pasta bake. You could go for a made from scratch version or made with a pasta bake sauce. The latter is a completely fuss-free option for those that need to bring something along to holiday potluck, but have no confidence cooking or no time. Just boil some pasta (think fusili, penne or the like), and then mix together with pasta bake, mix in some halved cherry tomatoes to elevate the dish. Sprinkle shredded mozerella cheese and bake. This works great as a simple pasta side dish. It doesn’t get much easier than this!

Some of our favourite pasta bake brands are Homepride or Leggos.

Made from scratch pasta bake recipe here: https://www.kitchensanctuary.com/cheesy-pasta-bake-chicken-bacon/

8. Roasted Vegetables

Difficulty/Effort Level (1-10): 2

This one is a staple vegetable side and favourite for us all year round. It goes great as a side dish for a large gathering or just to go with a protein for your weekday dinner. You wouldn’t believe how a mix of such simple ingredients can taste so good!

Recipe here: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/9377/roasted-vegetables/

We hope we’ve helped you with some ideas for side dishes for the holidays! Remember to tag us on @theopenpansg if you try any of these recipes, we’d love to see your creations. 

Want to get these recipes, shop for ingredients directly and get all ingredients needed delivered to your doorstep? Check out The Open Pan mobile app here.

“Remember to tag us on @theopenpansg if you try any of these recipes, we’d love to see your creations. Want to get these recipes, shop for ingredients directly and get all ingredients needed delivered to your doorstep? Check out The Open Pan mobile app here.”
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