7 Tasty and Nutritious Recipes for Picky Kids
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7 Tasty and Nutritious Recipes for Picky Kids

It’s Friday… and that means congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of another gruelling week. We know it’s tiring having to get used to going back to work. If you have no clue what to prep for dinner this weekend, look no further because we here at The Open Pan have got you covered with another post filled with easy to prep meals for you and your family!

This week, we’ve prepared some dishes that kids will simply love! We know that sometimes children can be extremely fussy and picky eaters so we’ve got a lineup of recipes for children that we guarantee will get your kids eating without any complaints! 

If you manage to try any of these child-friendly recipes, we’d be dying to know if your child enjoyed them so tag us @theopenpansg! 

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1. Healthy Baked Fish Nuggets

Photo Credits: Laura Fuentes

One thing that’s for sure is that kids love eating nuggets and what better way to give your kids all the omega 3 they need than by frying up some delicious fish nuggets? Best made with salmon, these nuggets can be easily made with an air fryer. The tender insides of the nuggets coupled with the crispy, crunchy outer coating make these fish tenders almost comparable with Macdonald’s nuggets! (We guarantee that your picky little eaters will most definitely enjoy this healthy snack for kids! 

If you want to try them out, check out this recipe from laurafuentes right here: https://www.laurafuentes.com/healthy-baked-salmon-nuggets/

2. Homemade pizza

Photo Credits: Food.com

Who doesn’t love pizza? The answer is nobody! That’s why we know your kids will definitely love this next recipe! They’ll definitely appreciate this from-scratch pizza because the flavours in the ingredients contrast with each other perfectly: The tanginess of the tomato sauce, the earthy taste of the crust, the slight smokiness of the pepperoni! To top it off, the pizza’s decorated all over with mozzarella cheese which is actually packed full of calcium that’s useful to aid developing bone structures in children and strengthen their pearly whites!  Who knew that eating pizza could help make your teeth stronger? A DIY pizza is also fantastic fun to make with the kids, which kid wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to pick their own pizza toppings?

Bounce on over to Food.com for the recipe: https://www.food.com/recipe/easy-and-quick-homemade-pizza-22754

3. slow-cooker chicken parmesan meatballs

PhotoCredits: TheKitchn.com

So far, we haven’t met a fussy kid who doesn’t want to eat his meatballs yet. That’s why this next healthy recipe is a concoction of everything your child needs to stay well fed and happy! The special thing about these easy-to-make meatballs is that they’re filled with delicious parmesan cheese oozing out with every bite…yum! The iron and protein from the meat, plus the lycopene (a very powerful antioxidant) from the tomato sauce make this a healthy, yet enjoyable snack for the kids! It’s also an excellent dish to make for a children’s birthday party! 

To check out the full recipe, scoot on over to eatingwell.com here: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipe/257285/slow-cooker-chicken-parmesan-meatballs/

4. Chicken broccoli bake

PhotoCredits: Delish.com

Having difficulty convincing fussy little eaters to eat their vegetables? We understand. That’s why we’re confident that our next recipe will make it so much easier to get your kids to eat green! Furthermore, this plethora of meats and vegetables only takes 5 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to bake! Broccoli is well known to be a nutritional bank, full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that is essential for your child’s development. The dish also contains chicken and oh so wonderful cheddar cheese, making this an all rounded sumptuous yet healthy meal for any child. An excellent way to make the kids eat their greens!

If you can’t wait to try out this recipe, click here to go to delish.com for the link! https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a46772/cheesy-chicken-broccoli-bake-recipe/

5. Loaded twice baked potato

Photo Credits: Eating Well

Fried, mashed, chips, are various ways that children love their potatoes. So why not get them to love baked potatoes as well? The baking method is much healthier as they aren’t cooked in oil and it causes the least amount of nutrients to be lost. It is highly encouraged for your children to even eat the skin as it is high in fiber! In addition, potatoes are great for digestive health and can improve blood sugar control as well.

This is not just a regular baked potato, but stuffed with a delicious beef and broccoli filling. This recipe is gluten-free, low in calories and super inviting for adults and children alike! 

Check out this incredibly easy and yummy recipe by Eating Well at http://www.eatingwell.com/recipe/249100/loaded-twice-baked-potatoes/

6. Sweet potato mac and cheese

Photo Credits: Naturally Ella

Mac and Cheese is often made with an extremely decadent cheese sauce, which is unlikely to be very healthy. However, this recipe makes the sauce with sweet potatoes and causes the sauce to be rich without being overly heavy. Furthermore, sweet potatoes are great sources of fiber and antioxidants, which are great for keeping your kids’ guts strong! This recipe even encourages you to include other veggies like spinach or kale and is a great way to trick your kids into eating their veggies! 

This yummy and healthy mac and cheese recipe by Naturally Ella is available at https://naturallyella.com/sweet-potato-mac/

7. Oven Baked Tofu Parmigiana

Photo Credits: Mom's Kitchen Handbook

Tofu is a familiar ingredient to many of us but most children dislike the plain soy taste of tofu. Tofu provides a good dose of iron and calcium for the children and is a wonderful protein choice. To make the tofu more appealing for the kids, this recipe bakes it in a flavourful tomato sauce and stringy mozzarella cheese similar to a pasta or pizza dish! What’s even better is that this dish is meatless and suitable for vegetarians.

Check out this awesome tofu recipe by Mom’s Kitchen Handbook at https://www.momskitchenhandbook.com/uncategorized/oven-baked-vegetarian-tofu-parmigiana/ 

Cooking easy and appetizing meals for your children can be a great challenge, and getting them to eat healthy and nutritious foods is an even greater feat. We’re sure this roundup of simple and convenient recipes would please even your pickiest kid! Now finding a dish that is wholesome yet palatable for the kiddos will no longer be a difficulty! 

We hope you liked the 7 tasty kid-friendly recipes we compiled for you and do tag us on Instagram @theopenpansg when you try them out at home! 

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